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Jan 12

I couldn’t let you get away without seeing a few photos of the babies strictly absorbed by a feather toy we were using to help capture their attention for the camera.  ^_^


Jan 11

Here’s the “twin” to the long-haired calico a short-haired sweetheart who was COMPLETELY bored with her photo session.

Obviously not one for a modeling career, she is a gentle soul who was living outside most of her life until a caring foster parent decided to bring them in this winter to keep them safe from the weather.  She does have the sniffles, but will easily charm her way into your heart given the chance.

She’s currently seeking a new home, and would love to find one sometime this year.


Jan 10

This beautiful shorthaired tabby is a lovely, delicate little wild creature!

She’s slightly shy around people-but warms up very quickly once you bring out the toys and cuddles.  She’d love to find herself a new home this year!


Jan 9

Jan 8

This girl is looking for her new home as well, she’s such a little ball of fluffy love.  She’s been passed over several times now for one reason or another, and would desperately love a new home this year.


Jan 7

Jan 6

This gorgeous fella is another of our “return” stories.  He found his home right after Christmas.  Within days of his adoption he was returned for reasons we’re still not sure of-a hasty excuse of he wasn’t using the litterbox in the right place and a rush out the door was all we received.  (Now we’ve had no troubles from him in his foster-home where he’s using the bathroom right where he’s supposed to, so we expect that something else has come up the new owners refused to acknowledge.)

So he’s back again looking for a new home-and hopefully this time around, he finds the right someone.


Jan 5

Jan 4

One of our lovely kitties, adopted many months ago was literally left behind at our door a week or so back-a note hastily taped to the door read the owners couldn’t keep him, and were moving.  Needless to say-that was not only a cold and heartless thing to do-but forgive me while I wish the same treatment on them by their children/grandchildren when they are old and no longer able to care for themselves.

Now on a nicer note-this little love was adopted just today-which makes me feel much better about his circumstance.  May he finally have found his true furever home, and never be bothered with cruel and heartless owners such as the ones he had before.


Jan 3

New posters/propaganda for the rescue

I was recently inspired by one of those endlessly circling videos that you find on YouTube/Facebook/etc where a blind gentleman has his sign changed from a simple “I’m blind please help” to “It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it” by a caring passerby, and receives much attention/help from other passerby because of it.  At the end of this clip was a simple message “Change your words, change your world”.
While I’m quite sure they never meant for it to be used in such a way, it made me think about all of the posts, photos, signs and posters I’ve made up over time and how little attention, and how slow our adoptions are.
So I decided to try a little something different.

Yes, the posts I have been and will be posting in future may be tear-jerkers and some may find them cold and a slap-in-the-face, but it’s time for our rescue to receive the attention it needs.  It’s time for people to realize how it would feel if we did the same thing to other humans, just abandoned them with so little thought, dropped them out of cars on the sides of lonely back-roads somewhere, or used such pitiful excuses to back our reasoning for leaving them behind.

So I apologize if I offend anyone, I really didn’t mean to, but I WILL NOT apologize for posting them-the reasons are self-evident.


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